Esther Austin Global Publisher of TurningPoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being Magazine Commemorates the loss of another icon. Mary Wilson from The Supergirl Group The Supremes

I read this morning of her passing, which was said to have been in her sleep and peaceful. I had the privilege of interviewing Mary Wilson three times over the past 4 years. What I saw was a woman who was constantly on show to the world and a woman who graced that world stage gracefully, joyfully and with vigour and always with that beautiful smile of hers. This was a woman who loved, loved, loved what she did and always, always looked super gorgeous.

I first met Mary at the HAL Awards in Beverly Hills in 2018 hosted by Janie Bradford, American songwriter, most known for her tenure with Motown. With Berry Gordy, she co-wrote "Money (That's What I Want)", originally recorded by Barrett Strong, and then by The Beatles on their second album With The Beatles. I met many wonderful people on that day, Scherrie Payne of The Former Supremes, Freda Payne, Keith Washington and many others. There was such a vibe of unity, togetherness, of joy and of family at this Gala Award Event. I managed to grab sometime with her as the conveyor belt of artists were ushered along. You can view that interview here: https://youtu.be/PxNZcY4D2ro

The second time was for the Spring 2019 issue of our magazine, Turningpoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being, the theme of which was Celebrating The Spirit of Excellence, which featured, Martha Reeves from The Vandellas, William 'Mickey' Stevenson, Motown's first A&R Man, Cornelius Grant who was once Musical Director for the Temptations, The Former Supremes and more....

May we all take a leaf out of her book. She lived life to the full and she made sure she celebrated and embraced it no matter what was going on in her life. I remember when she said to me that she always found a way to put on a smile and that were was so much more she wanted to do in life and at 76 she certainly did that.

May she eternally rest in love and peace and may her smile and rainbow to celebrate life inspire us, too, to learn more and to celebrate life more. If you would like a complimentary digital copy of that issue please email: info@turningpointmag.com

Esther Austin Chief Editor




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