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"11th November, London 2020:  The Movie Partnership is excited to be releasing Endless, a high school love story with a sinister twist, to digital download platforms from 23rd November. This follows an October theatrical release exclusively in Showcase Cinemas. From the producer who brought you Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's box office smash hit A Star Is Born,  Endless follows madly in love high school graduates Riley (Alexandra Shipp) and Chris (Nicholas Hamilton). When the pair are separated by a tragic car accident, Riley blames herself for her boyfriend's death while Chris is stranded in limbo. Miraculously, the two find a way to connect.  In a love story that transcends life and death, both Riley and Chris are forced to learn the hardest lesson of all - letting go.  Endless also Stars X-Men legend Famke Janssen and DeRon Horton, who stars in the ground breaking Dear White People and Netflix's Burning Sands."

Endless is a love story that shows the depth of a Twin Flame love relationship, and yet reveals the fine line between true love and tormented love. The defining factor being when we lose ourselves in someone else to the extent we no longer know who we are, our identity obliterated as the pain of that love takes over.

I was drawn into the interesting and fascinating ideal of true love, where each moment is fully present and precious. The depth of commitment and love in this film reminded me of those well-known couples Scarlett and Brett from Gone with the Wind (Without the tumultuous fights), or Edward and Mrs Simpson. Devotion is the word that comes to mind. However, what unravels after the accident where Riley played by Alexandra Shipp is driving and has a car accident which kills her boyfriend Chris played by Nicholas Hamilton is recognising that there is a very fine line between love and devotion and that of obsession and what can easily turn even an unhealthy connection to either a significant other or situation.

“Love is the cure,

for your pain will keep giving birth to more pain

until your eyes constantly exhale love as effortlessly as your body yields its scent.” RUMI

The story tracks the journey of Riley and Chris who have built a relationship on trust, love and commitment to each other. When Riley receives information that she has been accepted to a University in another State to study Law, she is happy. Yet when Chris finds out at a party held by a mutual friend, that Riley had been accepted to study away from home, it brings up Chris' own emotive insecurities. He suggests to Riley that her parents are the ones to have made the decision for her to study law and not something creative, which he felt was more down her road, inferring that she was sabotaging the relationship and couldn't really love him the way she said, if she was to go away. Saddened and confused, Riley tries to reassure Chris that their love could still work long-distance because it was a special love. Chris then does the typical young adult male thing and gets drunk, trying to drown his sorrow in alcohol and gets stoned. Riley borrows a friends' car to drive Chris home and has an accident where Chris dies.

The film is laced with memories of the couples experiences and flashbacks. The intensity of their connection to the point where Riley starts to use words that Chris would've used or take on his mannerisms. Riley blames herself for Chris' death and Chris's spirit refuses to move on, initially failing to recognise that he has died and is residing in-between worlds in limbo. In that place he meets another soul, Jordan played by DeRon Horton who has been in limbo for a while who shows him life through the eyes of someone who is now an observer. This is where Chris realises several things about himself, about how he lived his life with the realisation of learning about forgiveness, letting go and his truth and where he is ready to finally move on fully into the other side.

The intensity of their yearning for each other, where Riley refuses to acknowledge that Chris is dead, and with Chris being in Limbo means they are still connected and with that connection the power of the unconsciousness brings Chris alive energetically to the point where they can sense and feel each other, where they can telepathically communicate with each other. As we know these are phenomena that happen all the time i.e when a person dies and how they sometimes come back to communicate with their loved ones.

Endless has been likened to "Ghost" with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. I've read many reviews from critics who bemoan yet another ghost love story yet maybe this story is needed for what it is and in these current times. For a newer and younger generation, told in a way where they are able to relate. This film didn't trivialise love. To me Endless seemed very relatable in a time and in a year (2020) where we are all being forced to face ourselves, to get to know who we truly are, because it is just that time in history. Either way, I felt Endless had lots of good underlying anecdotes. This story wasn't just about letting go, or the difficulty of letting go of a twin flame, it highlighted the dangers of loosing yourself in a relationship, of the mental stress of dealing with the emotional impact of loosing someone in an accident, where you blame yourself, where you have to deal with how your family, friends and society see you whilst also dealing with the pain of an intense unrequited Twin-Flame Love. The film also highlighted how obsession can insidiously creep into ones world and take over.

Sometimes, we try to change the trajectory of our lives in order to be in control of a situation so that we can feel 'safe' or to stay in a place where we understand and are able to relate. To be taken into a situation or environment that can either strip away our very identity is scary. However in that stripping away, there is the bud of hope where we can often put ourselves back together to simply find out who we really are. Endless against a backdrop of nature's stunning and expansive scenery, helped to draw us into the tension and the rollercoaster of emotions. Pain and Tears - The Lake with its expansive silence and water holding that stillness, a stillness where you couldn't breathe as the couple kissed and fed into each other's souls or the Lake which held the tears, anguish and pain of a death, a parting, a lost love, a void.

The ending of the film, shows us about what it's like to be able to put back the pieces of ones life.

After Riley tries to commit suicide by walking into the Lake as her heart pines, thinking that if she ended her life, she would be reunited on the other side with Chris, he is somehow saved and as she fights for her life, Chris' spirit beeches her to live. Prior to Riley trying to take her life, Chris comes back to her to tell her he would be leaving forever, he would be letting her go, encouraging her to live for herself, to live for him, to fulfill her dreams, to study art. Initially Riley was not able to comprehend doing anything beyond her moments of pain, however after trying to take her life, and taking some time out to heal and mend, she follows her passion and enrols in Art. At that point there is the realisation of letting go but in the letting go, she has found herself and transformed the pain of love into the love of life.

The film also shows the relationships between friends and how this can be compromised, challenged and exhausted as each individual tries to work through their own understanding and feelings around the death of someone close. The guilt and the blame that goes with that.

Maybe I'm just a little philosophical with an eccentric viewpoint on life, but I feel this film has also come at a time where the importance of connection and communication is needed in relationships. It shows initially what healthy relationships can look like and be. Young love can be an intricate web of many different things on many levels but in the end, it's the lessons and learning that we gain that hopefully we can take away from it all in the end.

Review By Esther Austin

iTunes pre-order link?: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/movie/endless/id1533822818

TRAILER LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_saYKkLfUpE&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=StrikeMedia

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Run time: 94 Mins

Director : Scott Speer

Producer: Basil Iwanyk (A Star Is Born)

Screenplay: Andre Case, Oneil Sharma

Cast: Famke Janssen, Alexandra Shipp, Nicholas Hamilton, DeRon Horton

Certificate: 12A

Coming to digital platforms on 23rd November

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