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'I Am Samuel: Samuel grew up in the Kenyan countryside, where tradition is valued above all else. He is close to his mother but his father, a local pastor, doesn’t understand why he isn’t married yet. After moving to Kenya's capital in search of work and a new life, Samuel falls in love with Alex and finds community and belonging. Their love thrives despite the fact that Kenyan laws criminalize anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+. Despite threats of violence and rejection, Samuel and Alex move between their co-existing worlds, hoping to win acceptance in both.

I am a documentary Director and Cameraman. Since the beginning of my career in 2003, I have been drawn to shine a light on the unseen, marginalised and vulnerable in our society. Through my storytelling I want to empower the people who allow me into their lives to document their stories, so that their voices can be heard. It is very rare for a poor, uneducated gay man to be given a platform to tell his story from his point of view, particularly in Kenya where such love is not accepted by society.' Excerpt from Press Release

I Am Samuel is a rich tapestry of human experiences, both painful and joyful which challenges ones beliefs, stereotypes and faith into a place of sometimes silent contemplation. The film takes the audience on a journey where one is often forced to delve into ones own personal basket of how we view the world because of the conditioning from society, ones culture and tradition in terms of how we should be and operate. The film supports us to explore the option of what freedom entails and what sacrifices we are prepared to make in order to live the life we want, and not allow external forces to thwart that whilst also finding the strength, resolve and courage to stand for what we believe in. There is the questioning and challenge of thought around love, happiness and commitment, in terms of can this be truly attained if not in a heterosexual relationship? Is love diminished because its two people from the same sex? A thought provoking film which will evoke many emotional responses from you and sometimes will even challenge your own unconscious bias and yet, fundamentally this is a documentary above pure, authentic love between two people who see each others souls.

LISTEN HERE TO INTERVIEW BY ESTHER AUSTIN WITH PETER MURIMI: https://anchor.fm/onthesofawithesther/episodes/I-Am-Samuel-Interview-with-Director-Peter-Murimi-elb2j1 Director/Producer – Peter Murimi Producer – Toni Kamau Writer/ Editor – Ricardo Acosta Composer – Eric Wainaina Executive Producer – Judy Kibinge Executive Producer – Peter Mudamba Executive Producer – Roger Ross Williams Written by Esther Austin Editor in Chief

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