TurningPoint Magazine will be hosting monthly online empowerment masterclasses.

These classes are very specific and intensive and will be held in small groups of 8 so that each individual receives the correct amount of attention to support them on their journey. 

The following will be part of both Masterclasses:
Meditation, Journaling

Complimentary PDF: Wounded Lives, Wounded Healers


Masterclass One​: Discovering Your TurningPoint: Identifying Where You Are!
In this masterclass will discover tools and techniques that will take you through steps for you to discover and understand where you currently are in your life and then to support you in identifying where you want to be.  

A Four Hour Intensive Masterclass.

Dates: TBC
Price: £100




Masterclass Two:  Is Your Story Blocking You from Achieving Your Dreams?
Is the story you're telling yourself stopping you from achieving your dreams?
What would happen if you knew you could change your story to empower you to live a life of peace, abundance, fulfilment and contentedness?

In this workshop we are going to explore the stories you have created and are telling yourself about who you are.  


Dates: TBC
Price: £100

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