Esther Austin

Esther Austin is Editor-in-Chief of TurningPoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being Magazine which is published by Esther Austin Global which provides a range of services and products to support clients to get their brand in front of the right audience.


Esther is also a Freelance Journalist, Celebrity Interviewer, Documentary Maker who runs a PR and Multi-Media Agency.  Esther is also a Keynote Empowerment Speaker.   She is also a Fashion Stylist and will be bringing out her first major Fashion Range in 2021.  For more details about her media work, please visit her website.  The website is still under construction as at 24/10:

Awards: Esther is a four times award winner:  A Powerhouse Global Mentor Award in October 2019. In February 2016,  awarded a Be Mogul Award being Nominated as one of the most influential Black British Entrepreneurs.  In 2000 she was awarded with a Skillset Millennium Award. In 2004 she was awarded a Barclays Trading Places New Business Award.


Esther considers herself to be a universal soul. She has a love of exploring all aspects of life and culture. She is spontaneous and adventurous. She loves going to the theatre, concerts, loves to travel, works with horses (Known as The Horse Whisperer), loves fashion and good healthy food. She has trekked the Amazon, the Andes, Peru and many other places. Esther loves listening to all genres of music and loves to dance and is forever curious about life.   

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